Greetings! My name is Ysemay Sterlyng. external image dorothea-kannengiesser-1516.jpgP81600932.jpg


I have finally updated some of the files I uploaded. I have added most of the missing pictures.

I am going to work on two new sections: 14th-16th century supportive gowns and a general projects page. Keep checking as I update!

I originally created this page to document my journey in creating a 16th century German Cranach style gown for the SCA.

This project has been fermenting in my brain for over two years and I have done a lot of research to support the choices I am going to make. However, it is still experimental archeology.

I have been dabbling in German garb for a while, focusing on s Dorothea Kannengeisser's portrait. Dissecting and recreating the Wulstehaub, was a challenge. I am thrilled with the final result and will post the documentation shortly.

I will also start posting some past projects and documentation, since I am woefully website illiterate. At least this way they will be available.

It is finally time to undertake this project. Thanks for accompanying me!


Please use the navigations on the side to see my journey. :)

Since I have made the dress, I have lost more weight and it is starting to get a little big. BUT, I am so thrilled with the final product.

IMG_4699.JPG IMG_4708.JPG IMG_4710.JPG100_1467.JPG

Cranach Inspirations:

Lucas Cranach, Bildnis einer Dame mit Apfel, 1526.